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Yoga means addition. In spiritual language, the union of the soul and the divine is called yoga. Yoga is mentioned in Vedas, Shastras, Upanishads. Lord Shri Krishna has been described as Yogeshwar in Shrimad Bhagwat Gita. Yoga has its beginning since the creation of mankind. Maharishi Patanjali ji created Ashtanga Yoga and wrote a book named Yoga Darshan. Maharshi Patanjali ji is known as Yoga Guru. Maharishi Gheranda created Hatha Yoga. Yoga chitta vritti nirodha means stopping the instincts of the mind through Yoga. Complete health can be achieved through yoga. Attainment of mental, physical ,spiritual health and happiness is possible only through Yoga. The main aim of human life has been said to be the attainment of salvation. Attainment of salvation is possible through Yoga, so it is very important to adopt yoga in our life.

Fundamentals of Yoga Classes in 14 Days

In this course, yoga seekers are provided with knowledge about the methods, benefits and precautions of Yoga. You will be given detailed information about such food-related queries i.e. how to increase or decrease weight. Acute and Chronic diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, cervical spondylitis,back pain, knee pain etc could be cured through yoga. Knowledge of Pranayama and how you can achieve complete health through breathing. Mental peace through meditation method, physical health and success in life through Yoga Asanas are fully explained so that in your life is filled with happiness & enthusiasm comes in your life. The secrets of life are exposed so you easily understand what life is.

About Yogacharya Nidhi

She has had a special inclination towards yoga and meditation since her childhood days. She learned the intricacies of yoga from his father who is a spiritual and yogic person himself . She completed her post graduation in science stream. Thereafter she did her MA Yoga from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. She attended sessions for Pranayama, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Meditation at Rishikesh and at Patanjali ,Haridwar. She organized numerous yoga classes, yoga camps and workshops under her supervision. Since completing the above said courses she has been constantly inspiring yoga seekers and providing them with mental and physical health through yoga. Blessed are such pious souls whom the Lord is able to save others on earth.descended We do.

Special Thanks to

- Shri Chetan Singh
- Smt Jagesh Lata Singh
- Dr. D.K. Rathi
- Yuvraj Rathi
- Yuvika Rathi
- Swami Ramdev
- Shri Vinod Chaudhariji ( Senior Administrator of Patanjali Yoga Samiti of Swami Ramdevji)
- Swami Rama
- Hriday Narayan Yogi
- Om Swami
- Swami satyanand Saraswati
- Swami Niranjananand Saraswati

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  • Yogasana for weight loss
  • Yoga asanas for weight gain
  • Fitness
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation session
  • Diet plan for weight loss
  • Diet plan for healthy life
  • Diet chart for weight gain
  • Flexibility
  • Inner piece
  • Healing
  • Naturopathy
  • Ayurveda
  • Meditation session

Diet Plan

  • Diet plan for weight loss
  • Diet plan for healthy life
  • Diet chart for weight gain
  • Flexibility
  • Inner piece
  • Healing
  • Naturopathy
  • Ayurveda

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    Make a Goal by Daily practice and see serious results and personal growth from practicing yoga. This Weekly yoga challenges to help you ease into yoga.


    Offers Personal yoga instructors are carefully workout with you and you receive the most effective, personalized yoga experience to your needs.


    Yoga group classes is the best way to yoga practice, this will help to increase confidence, increse motivation and self confidence and sustaining the interest.